Rabu, 21 Januari 2015

How To Buy The Right Perfume

There are so many different types of fragrances available, that the purchase, if you are on a to a large company do not already have a favorite. In any case, it is always a good idea to change your regular perfume from time to time, so you do not assigned, no matter how attractive it is, with only one fragrance. Also, could a perfume that can be worn for a formal dinner or a special event, not for a casual shopping trip or lunch with friends.

The following tips will help you create a scent that to select your personality and body type, which will make your attractiveness fits:

- Select a citrusy or herbaceous scent, if you are a casual wear or casual type of person. This type of fragrance is usually very subtle, and its fresh notes you will fit very well. Many of these perfumes and floral notes of different strengths.

- If you have a very sensual way on the other side, and indulge in a lot of attention then a perfume with musk and amber tones are ideal. These scents are absolutely fabulous for formal events and will ensure that you are. In a crowd

- If you are going for a girl-next-door kind of mood then a floral fragrance is ideal straight. Remember, though, that if you older than 35 years, the scent of flowers should deepen with notes, are combined, such as wood or even musk. Typically sweet floral fragrances are only suitable for very young women and girls.

- A fragrance with spicy sandalwood notes or you can if you kidnap give a very interesting air mainly a slightly masculine scent.

Be sure to try many perfumes before you actually on which one to buy, as there are many variations of each type to decide. While you can get it by sniffing an idea of the best perfumes simple, you can just be absolutely sure about it when you actually wear it on your skin because sweat every person has a different chemical composition. In fact, you should bear the scent for at least 30 minutes to see if it smells good on the skin after a while. You should also a perfume that is not necessary for strong smelling, but lasts longer on the skin, so you smell wonderful for as long as possible.

How To Wear Perfume Correctly

The right perfume goes a long way to help you bring your personality shine and become more attractive. You've probably spent a lot of time and effort to choose the right scent than you should, but you are actually wearing the right fragrance. Most people are not aware of how to apply fragrances properly to achieve the desired effect.

Perfume should always be used sparingly, so that the overall effect is not overwhelming. Excess perfume can cause headaches not only for the support, but also for the people in the immediate vicinity of the wearer. Even if it does not result in a headache the overall effect will be very sticky.

- Make sure fragrance to the pulse points of the body are considered, so that it is slow due to the spread in the air by the blood under heat generated, allowing you to smell good for a long time. The pulse points are located at the wrists, knees, cleavage, behind the ear lobe and the inner folds of the elbows. Perfume sprayed or dabbed on the pulse points of your choice.

- Rub the scent of the areas was to be applied. For example, do not rub your wrists together after applying perfume on her because this will change the scent slightly.

- Since perfume has not very long to dry skin, you should always try to wear it on the skin with moisture. Avoid wearing a scented moisturizer, since the two fragrances will collide. A simple solution is to petroleum jelly on the area where you spray or dab you apply the perfume.

- In the air spray a little perfume in front of him and go into the fine mist immediately in order to get maximum coverage on your clothes and hair. Too much spray or you will end up soaking yourself in perfume. This will not only not smell very nice, but also works very expensive in the long run to be.

- Do not Parfum Spray on your clothing, as this inevitably leads to strange looking stains. The fabric can be colored on the basis of the present in the perfume chemicals.

Your perfume bottles will of course take longer if you use the content sparingly. Make sure after they look right as well; keep your bottles out of direct sunlight and remember to tighten its lid on properly.